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The Official Texas DPS License to Carry a Handgun Online Class​

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Benefits of the texas license to carry – texas concealed carry

  • 18 Year Old Age Requirement
  • Texas Licenses anyone in the 50 States
  • Carry in 37 Other States
  • Carry in Hospitals, Nursing Facilities, or Amusement Parks
  • Legal Protections When Carrying at Certain Prohibited Locations
  • Active Military pay $0 License Fees
  • Concealed Carry a Handgun in Public
  • Bypass Background Checks when Purchasing Firearms
  • Carry inside College Campus Buildings and at College Sporting Events
  • Airport Protections
  • Veterans pay $25 License Fee
  • Open Carry a Handgun in Public
  • Carry in Federal Gun Free School Zones
  • Carry in Public Place With Any Type of “No Firearm” Sign Posted
  • Room of an Open Meeting of a Governmental Entity

Do you have to be a Texas Resident to get a Texas LTC?

No. Texas will issue a Texas LTC (License to Carry) to anyone 18 years old or older, who has a valid drivers license, or State ID issued by any one of the 50 States. It’s very easy to get a license to carry in Texas.

I have had Active Military Members stationed from Fort Bragg, Elmendorf AFB, 29 Palms, and Naval Station Norfolk to Veterans now living in Killeen Texas to Wasilla Alaska. No matter your duty station, or home residence. The Texas LTC is for you.

I put this together to cut through the red tape with a lot of articles. Here are the numbers broke down for

Texas License to Carry for Military Service Members

If you are Active Military here is how the Texas License to Carry – Texas Concealed Carry works:

  • You must complete an online or in-person class (Ours is Online and $40)
  • You will have to submit documentation you are Active Duty, and latest range card
  • Range is waived (Have to show you did a range qualification within last 10 years rifle or handgun)
  • Texas has a $0 License fee for Active Military
  • So, costs for Active Military
    • License Fee: $0
    • Our Online Class $40
    • Fingerprint Fee through DPS Indigo $10

Total Cost for Active Military $50 plus the cost of gas to do Fingerprints.

If you are a Veteran here is how the Texas License to Carry – Texas Concealed Carry works:

  • You must complete an online or in-person class (Ours is Online and $40)
  • You will have to submit documentation you are Veteran, and latest range card within 10 years.
  • Range is waived if did a range qualification within the last 10 years rifle or handgun.
  • Texas has a $25 License fee for Veterans.
  • So, costs for Veterans (Honorably Discharged)
    • License Fee: $25
    • Our Online Class $40
    • Fingerprint Fee through DPS Indigo $10
    • If you don’t have a range Qual. Within last 10 years of applying you will have to find a local range to do familiarization (most ranges, do it on the weekend, takes about an hour, all students I have talked has said range cost between $10-$25, depends on range)

Total Cost for Veterans $75 plus the cost of gas to do Fingerprints. If range is waived.

Requirements for your Texas Concealed Carry (Texas LTC) are straight forward

In Texas, anyone who is at least 18 years old and has no criminal record (Depends on Criminal History) can apply for a Texas License to Carry (LTC). Previously, applicants had to be at least 21 years old, but a new Federal Court Ruling has lowered the age requirement. To obtain an LTC, individuals must first complete a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) class, which provides firearms training required by the State of Texas. Successful completion of this course allows licensees to carry a concealed handgun or openly carry a holstered handgun. Once an applicant has completed the course and passed DPS background checks and fingerprinting, they can apply for the LTC through the state’s Department of Public Safety. This permit is valid for five years and can be renewed online.

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Concealed Handgun License

In Texas, individuals can legally carry firearms through a license known as the Texas License to Carry (LTC). This license replaced the Concealed Handgun License (CHL), which was previously referred to as the concealed carry permit. While the two licenses are essentially the same, as they both allow individuals to carry concealed firearms, the LTC added an additional provision for open carry in 2017.

Works on ALL Devices

Get your Texas License to Carry with ease from the comfort of your own home! Whether you prefer to use your smartphone, tablet or computer, the online LTC class is available for you 24/7. The course is video-based and allows you to learn at your own pace, without any time constraints or scheduling issues.

Firearm Safety

Our 4-hour class covers a wide range of topics, including one of the most important ones: firearm safety. It is essential for individuals to take responsibility for their firearms by obtaining the requisite knowledge and training on firearm safety provided in this course. Sign up to learn more today!

Our Mission & Vision

Military Concealed Carry was founded to assist and make available common sense online Texas Concealed Carry – Texas License to Carry Training for Military and Veterans Nationwide at a reasonable price.

Texas License to Carry – Issued by Texas DPS

Beware of other companies claiming to offer concealed carry licenses or permits “valid” in Texas. Most of these are not actual Texas licenses and are often for Virginia permits. To obtain a valid Texas License to Carry (LTC), the instructor must be certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety as an LTC instructor. Additionally, to obtain a Texas LTC, the applicant is required to complete shooting qualification in the state of Texas. If there is no shooting portion required (Or Proof of shooting Active Military and Veterans), then it is likely not for a Texas License.

What Students Are Saying

Just a few out of our thousands of students we successfully helped get their Texas License to Carry

Honest people with a great service. Owning a business and having kids keeps me busy and it’s hard to find time to take a day to sit in a class. The online service allowed me to take the class at my own pace after the kids are in bed.

john Wilson
Army Retired

Great experience taking this course. Extremely informative and smart layout. The user interface in the browser was very easy to navigate. Highly recommended!

VA Representative

Love the fact that I could take the course at my own pace & the step by step instructions from start of course to licensing was on point. I have recommended family and friends to this course.
Thank you so very much!

Former Marine

Excellent class and excellent online user interface. I did it on my computer, iPhone and iPad and it all worked perfect.

Air Force Retired

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